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Should you try sleeping on your side? “In approximately 56% to 75% of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the frequency and duration of apneas are influenced by body position.” – iDunmed

I’m severe OSA on my back – AHI of 41 from my in-lab PSG. But when I’m on my side, I’m much better off. Probably not completely cured, but way better at least. I seem to fall in-line with some of the statistics in this clinical research study:

So I’m going to try using some of the tricks on this page to get my body into side-sleeping regularly. I just did the tennis-balls-in-shirt last night, and it did keep me from rolling over. Neck was a bit sore in the AM, so I probably need additional pillow height.

There’s a couple other interesting things I might be able to try. But just thought I’d pass this along for anyone else trying to fight this disease nightly. Any other tips and tricks you’ve learned?

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