Hi, all! I just started on CPAP a couple weeks ago after a diagnosis late last year. I have noticed it definitely is improving the quality of my sleep, but it’s also changing my sleep patterns significantly. For example, while before I would often sleep for 4-5 hours, then wake up tired, but have a hard time going back to sleep because of frequent urination, I’m finding myself waking up after a couple hours not tired, then being up for a while, then going back to sleep and repeating, basically. I’m also noticing that although I’m not physically tired, I still have a midday mood and energy slump where before I would usually nap.

How do you adjust to changes in your sleep patterns? I know to some degree it’s “tough it out and experiment until something works”, but if anyone has anything that has especially helped them (I was considering trying melatonin again, which helped regulate my sleep in college with less residual exhaustion than the generic OTC sleep aids at Kroger) I’d love to hear it.

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