Hi everyone, I’ve been in the CPAP space behind the scenes in e-commerce for over a decade. I mostly wrote software and manage platforms.

Recently I’ve had some shakeups in my business, and so I’ve decided to open own e-commerce store.

Right now it’s pretty simple, but I’m going to be adding more selected products as I go.

For the time being, I wanted to let you know about a good deal on Silent Night mask liners. There are a lot of dedicated users out there who swear by them.

I started offering them on Amazon but got frustrated with multiple aspects of the experience. So, now offering them on my own store with a discount that reflects the amount of “fees” that would have been charged otherwise.

I’d like to pass those savings directly to the customer instead of back up the food chain so-to-speak.

If you’re interested, simply add the product to your cart and get the discount and also free shipping.

Drop me a line and say hi while you’re at it. I truly enjoy the e-commerce world and helping others get the products they need.


Thanks everyone! Nate

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