How come all the information on hypoxemia is vastly skewed? Literally all over the place. Some say hypoxemia is anything under 95% blood oxygen. Other say 94%. Others say long as you are above 90%, it is not hypoxemia. Even common to see articles say any drop of more than 2% is a diagnosis, even if you were at 98% and dropped to 96% Even common to see anything over 88% is not considered low.

Some say u can have 0 apnea episodes but low oxygen, so it’s only hypoxemia. Then other info shows even if you have 0 apnea episodes but low oxygen levels, it’s still considered sleep apnea.

Another one is people with asthma. They say normal oxygen levels for people with asthma is 92-94%. Yet then it says if you are at 92-94% with asthma, than oxygen treatment is recommended. Why would someone with asthma who has normal readings for asthma, require treatment, if they are in normal ranges for having asthma….?

Seriously, what is it? Why is there no official criteria for diagnosis. The information on this stuff is all over the place. Any personal experiences from people on here with their hypoxemia/sleep apnea diagnosis?

Call me a conspiracy theorist but it sure comes off like there is a HUGE window for doctors to manipulate a diagnosis to generate personal profits.

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