I was diagnosed with sleep apnea through a home sleep test in March 2020. I had an AHI of 27.1/hr and also CT Scan revealed Deviated Septum, Polyps and Hypertrophy of Nasal Turbinates. The ENT specialist advised a nasal septoplasty. On advice on this forum, I later asked him whether there could be non-surgical interventions. He asked me to consult a sleep specialist to check what else needs to be done. But before I could act on his recommendation for surgery and the sleep specialist, the national COVID lockdown began.

My city has been an epicenter for COVID 19. My own housing project was badly affected and I have not had the courage to visit the sleep specialist, especially since I am the main caregiver for my ailing mother. The specialist works out from a hospital which was a designated hospital for COVID care last year.

I was hoping that I would be able to visit a doctor this summer after my mother is vaccinated. But now with vaccine shortages and the second wave exploding in my city and the country with deadly effect, I am not sure when that would be.

For the last three-four months, I have been having episodes of headache and complete inability to concentrate for long while reading. Any effort to sustain focus while reading worsens the headaches. The worst is I am finding it very difficult to remember things – there have been instances where I have struggled to remember concepts that I have worked for years (arguments from my own thesis) in the middle of webinars I was speaking in (once I could not remember the name of one of my co-authors) – and any mental effort to remember those names causes mild headache.

I have also not been able to focus on any of my writing/readings. Earlier, I had a practice of finishing my teaching preparation/administrative work by evening and sit for two hours after yoga and dinner every day for own academic work. Now, just one hour of lecture leaves me completely drained for anything else.

Things are such that even concentrating to type this message in one go without a break has left my head hurting.

Could all this be connected with sleep apnea? Has anyone else had similar affliction along with apnea

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