I’ve been using a CPAP for 14 years. It helps a lot!

But now I’ve noticed that the problems breathing I have before bed, where I seem to suddenly not breathe and then need to think about it. It’s exactly what the CPAP helps with(I mostly remember experiencing it, and sometime get a bit before I put on my mask)…

Well, I realized, after seeing a therapist and paying attention to my breath more during the day, that I constantly stop breathing, and the back of my throat sinks just like it used to do when I had untreated sleep apnea. But it happens while I’m awake.

I do have some serious anxiety disorders, but I think this is different.

Like right now I notice when I’m typing I seem to stop breathing, and then start when I’m done. Obviously the issue of having to breathe manually when you think about it factors in here, but I think of breathing and I have already not been breathing a few seconds. Basically I seem to either forget to breathe or breathe very shallowly if I don’t think about breathing. I don’t think this is a new thing, either.

Anyone else have issues with this?

Would this just be anxiety?

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