I have so many questions because I got this last April and everyone thought it was my anxiety because of covid. It wasn’t until November till I got blood pressure medicine and now I have a sleep study scheduled for the 19th of March.

I don’t smoke however I do snore, have acid reflux, weigh 320lbs but I’m 6’6 tall, dry mouth, and maybe wake up 2-4 times a night. SpO2 I’ve seen it 90 but it’s climbed up after that.

I do take medication to knock me out like Benadryl or Advil night to make me go to sleep.

The only positive things I’ve been doing is I’ve been working out for the last two weeks and eating healthier. I’ve lost 6-9 lbs (2 different scales) and I don’t drink soda anymore or any junk food. I’ve controlled my acid reflux because of eating healthier.

My questions are:

am I able to live to the sleep study? I have anxiety and living with this for do long I’m scared out of my mind.

Is there things I should do to prevent dying?

How much did you pay for your cpap machine?

How long did you go before diagnosed?

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