I am 27 years old and was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea following a sleep test of 9 events/ hour in Feb. My question is could it be possible that i only recently have sleep apnea and my past sleep problems were not it?

I have always had sleep problems and they really started in 2018 where I would wake up randomly at 3 and wouldnt be able to fall back asleep. This would be for months and then i would have a night or three where i slept without disturbances and felt refreshed in the morning. When i went on vacations however, it felt like id go the whole duration sleeping well so i always thought my sleep problems were job stress related. This pattern really followed me up all the way until fall of 2020, where i noticed that now on nights if i sleep well, i wake up certain days with super bad migrain headaches that would last the whole day. Nowadays i sleep super well without waking up at 3 anymore, however wake up super brain fogged, headaches, and tired (typical sleep apnea symptoms) and hence why i got tested for sleep apnea. I haven’t felt like i had restful nights of sleep and it really started fall of 2020 despite no longer waking up at 3am.

Could it be possible that my sleep problems were always sleep apnea even back in 2018 however they were super mild and all of a sudden late 2020 to now they somehow got worse and much more apparent to me?

Thanks i really appreciate the help and responses from this supportive group 🙂

Edit 2: also to note my sleep test results were quite contrasting. Apparently sleeping on my back showed an AHI of 19/hr while sleeping on my right side showed an AHI of 4/hour. Perhaps these increased over time from 2018 to now?

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