I am new to this reddit, but not to the having sleep apnea. Unfortunately this battle started when I was a child, but I was not diagnosed until I was 23 and not without my pushing for sleep studies and tests.

I was misdiagnosed with so many different things (i.e. anxiety, depression etc) until I decided to take matters into my own hands. So i began years of research based on the symptoms and ways to improve my symptoms (i.e depression, anxiety, confusion, lack of concentration, moody, memory issues etc). I was so depressed and anxious that I couldnt even control it. What I did, how I talked, what Intalked about etc.

My cousin realizes that I was gasping in my sleep. This prompted me to ask for sleep study. I was able to ask for a sleep study and was diagnosed after a lot of push as the NHS doesnt care. 5 years later, the symptoms were not getting any better with the CPAP provided. Until I had a scare when I couldnt recognise a celebrity that I know very well, they took me a bit more seriously after 5 years of pleading and offer me the surgery I have been asking for after complaining that the CPAP is not working.

Now I am 31 still using CPAP and hating every minute of it after having a manibal advancement surgery which didnt work all that well. The surgeon tried to pass it off like the surgery worked, but I still feel like shit without my CPAP. It just seemed like they are trying to tick a box to say that they have done something ‘successful’. Although, a little better, my symptoms still persists. I was still moody and annoying to be around and losing friends because of my outbursts. I had to go back to my CPAP within 6 months of the surgery and the same symptoms.

With that said, the CPAP bearly gets me to 25%-50% of the level of sleep I need. I feel bearly 50% on the best day. The pressure is way too high, the masks are uncomforable and I am a mouth breather. And no, full face masks dont work. I wake up with a gassy stomach and not being able to breath properly.

I just have not been able to adjust to it. As a result, I have become more socially ackward, anxious,. moody, depressed and unable to concentrate on anything. It has affected my social life, relationship, career and prospects and I am losing the will to live. I have even started to avoid socialising just because I cannot hold a conversation liks I once did. And I have not been getting a lot of help from the NHS (COVID or no COVID). I worked hard and went to a top university in the country to only come out with a 2:2 as my memory started to fail me. I had dreams of working in the city/wall street as a graduate and one day building my own hedge fund. Now Im in a crappy job with side projects that I have to outsource because I cannot focus on the programing aspect (Thats the hedge fund dream).

After so much fight to get help, I have asked to be refered to another hospital which I hope, with a lot of fight Im sure, will approve the inspire therapy surgery. I want to be cautiously opportunistic, but I really hope I can get my life back. The thought of living with this illness for the rest of my life give me little prospect for the future.

As someone that is very ambitious and a workaholic, it has been like being trapped in my body. it has really been getting me down. I cant speak properly and people just think I am slow or something. I just dont get taken seriously by family, friends and colleagues and it is extremely frustrating. And nobody seems to understand. It is really hard to enjoy anything. Everything I do just feels 10 times harder.

On the back of that, just some questions about your experiences:

*Do you find it hard to comprehend things when people tall to you?

*What has been your experience with doctors/surgery?

  • Do you start falling asleep or confused when talking or being talked to?

*What are your success stories if you have one?

*Has anyone had the inspire therapy or any hypoglosal surgery done? If yes, how was the experience and how do you feel now?

Your reponses are much appreciated. Sorry for the long post/rant. I hate to be a this person but this illness has definitely had a massive impact on everything. Its frustrating when you know you are destined for so much more.

I just need my life back!

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