Hey, just wanted to post my sleep apnea journey, since I am in the beginning stages of diagnosing it. 35yr male 130lbs my partners have told me that Ive snored and using sleep app I see that I’ve been snoring and waking up with extreme fatigue the last year. I don’t meet the stereotypical indicators of a profile that would have sleep apnea, other than I had two top premolar extractions 4 years ago.

  1. Took a at home sleep study recently, currently awaiting results.
  2. Went to an ent specialist and had them shove a camera down my nose/throat. An the ENT specialist said that the airspace was unusually small in the throat area, this procedure was quite uncomfortable.
  3. I will be scheduling an appointment with a TMJ/sleep specialist who will take a CT scan of my nasal/throat area.

I will keep this updated.

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