Sleep apnea runs in my family. I know that doesn’t always mean something, but can mean that it was passed along to me. Last night I couldn’t sleep because everytime I drifted off I’d wake up startled gasping for a breathe. Like I woke up bc I realized I wasn’t breathing and then was able to start breathing again…. this happened about 5-6 times before I finally was able to successfully fall asleep around 6 in the morning. Due to the rona, it would be pretty damn hard for me to make an appointment with a doctor (I don’t have a primary because mine left my dr office and they never reassigned me to a dr like all the other patients, instead I’m no longer a patient there at all and have to “reapply” to be on a waiting list. I’m not sure if this is even sleep apnea related? I don’t know much about it, apart from little research I’ve done, but I try to stay clear of getting to educated from the internet, especially when there are contradicting “facts”. I’m only 22, and I’m female. I’m not horribly overweight, but just had a baby so I do have probably an extra 30-40 pounds I could lose all together. I’m not sure if I should be concerned now, or if I should wait until it’s more serious, or happens again. This hasn’t ever happened to me before that I can remember, although I have woken up out of deep sleep before with the same problem. I’m not trying to ask for medical advice, but since everyone here is dealing with the same problem, maybe you could give me insight on whether or not this sounds like sleep apnea. Thank you!! Sleep well friends! EDIT: okay so I just found out there’s two types of sleep apnea ? Obstructive and central. For me I had to literally focus on breathing then when I drifted off it was like my body just forgot how to breathe.

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