Suffered from fatigue and sleepiness to the point of not being able to function without stimulants for the last 7 years. Just got my results back.

AHI: 2.5/hr
RDI: 2.5hr
84.3% sleep efficiency
Oxygen saturation: 93%
Spontaneous arousal’s: 17.7/hr

I’ve been recommended to try cpap which I can’t for 2 weeks and I’m just curious while I wait if anyone with numbers like mine found any benefit from it? Another thing is what causes spontaneous arousal’s? I’ve tried googling it and can’t really find anywhere that talks about it. Only thing I’ve been able to find is that it can be caused by your throat muscles relaxing too much to where it’s about to effect your breathing but your brain wakes up before it causes serious issues. I have had throat issues my whole life in regards to acid reflux and indigestion constantly.


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