I was diagnosed in 2014 after I had lost a job from a sever mental breakdown, losing a job at a well known insurance company and drop out off college. My body was in immense pain so the Doc gave me a sleep study. I woke up 44 times. What really sucks is I was holding down a 4.0 in college and I had been only a few semesters away from a bachelors. I worked hard to get to that point. My grade point average plummeted after my memory began to deteriorate rapidly, it was so bad I could not track my conversation as I was having it, I got lost in what I was talking about. To this day I have trouble remembering a list of simple tasks when I used to have a very powerful memory. I could recall the text of the text book by reading it once. I just feel robbed of my talents as even on the machine the diagnosis was so late that it had taken a toll on my brain. I fucking hate sleep apnea its a thief.

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