First you gain enough weight. Not obesity. But enough weight to get sleep apnea.

Then unless you get the CPAP or the BIPAP you stay that way. And because it DESTROYS your deep-sleep memory formation you just….stay in a stupid haze.

I regret not getting it sooner. I got air filters. I tried nose opener stuff. Tried mouth openers. Nada zip zip zip zoop. I wasted time, money, and poor performance in a school quarter because I was not memorizing the new material. Because I was not getting the REM sleep to do so.

I just gained weight and stayed dumb and useless until I got the CPAP.

So if you are here and trying out different things. Just dont bother. I didnt know (I mean I could have taken a guess) that some people ONLY have Apnea during stage 4 sleep, thus making a mild-moderate case based off of AHI misleading.

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