Hello there my brothers and sisters of the tube,

I am a newly diagnosed cpap user. I just bought a dreamstation w/ humidifier but from my understanding it isn’t data capable in the sense that it won’t automatically send data to my Doctor. I decided to go out of network and buy from cpap.com, not my local DME. I report back to my doctor in 9 weeks and im trying to figure out what the best way of bringing the data with me to the visit would be? I’m aware there is an SD card that records the data on the cpap machine but from what i was told from the medical receptionist, they’re unable to get the data off an SD card.

I did download the philips DreamMapper app on my phone? Maybe just print the data from DreamMapper or connect my machine via USB to my PC? Is the data in a specific format when you extract it from the machine to your PC? Aside from purchasing more advanced desktop software, are there any other ways you all get this data to your doctor?

Thanks a ton!

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