I’ve had anxiety/depressive symptoms my whole life but in the last 2-3 years they’ve increased dramatically. I went to my PCP and of course was immediately put on anti-depressants and referred to a counselor. Neither of them worked more than a 5% difference? If that.

I listened one day randomly to a podcast about how sleep disordered breathing can affect mental health. I researched and came to the conclusion that I definitely have some form of SDB. I made an appointment with a sleep doctor – all their marketing materials told me that I was in the correct spot. I went three times, had CT scans taken, took a sleep study, and then they dropped my insurance.

Their recommendations were for me to have a septoplasty and turbinate reduction. Of course I can’t pay for surgery out of pocket so I declined. They said there was some mild swelling in my nasal cavity and that I had a very slight deviated septum.

My sleep study was a take at home polysomnagraph so I would assume its at least relatively accurate? Overall AHI 2 and Overall RDI was 10. My oxygen saturation would drop like clockwork everytime I tried to get into REM sleep (I’m assuming this is normal) but while I may not be snoring or choking as much as some people (even though I still do both frequently) I did have 71 arousals per hour according to the pulse rate. The doctor said this might explain the daytime fatigue. Anecdotally, I never feel “rested” after sleep and am constantly tired.

They did not recommend a CPAP machine, mouthguard, or anything else other than the off chance the surgery makes the difference. Anybody have any advice? At this point I’m considering buying a CPAP online and just doing it the old-fashioned way as long as the sleep people don’t take my insurance.

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