got diagnosed with sleep apnea (mild which is less than moderate)no sig oxygen desaturation snoring light to moderate


  1. what does my report mean specifically? I think those PAHi ODI? I think they are cumulative for the 4 hours i wore the PAT?

2) i got the resmed with the n20 pillow mask. its not heavy, its not too wet, not too much pressure, .but as unintrusive as it is i just dont like having smething around my face, and above my head. I also can’t seem to sleep on my side with this on and crushing the side pipes on the N20. I ended up taking it off 2 out of the last 4 nights i used it.

Is there a better way? I dont think I could get his any more unobsctructed ordered a dindaroo and will see how that works

3) doctor thought i had dspd with a shifting window but with stronger doses of melaonin .75g to 1.5 g I was normal for at least a month. When I do use the CPAP I do notice better sleep quality but obviously sleep less as I cna’t go to sleep with it (mentioned above).

When can I cycle or ween off melatonin? I notice my onset has gotten later and later.

4) is there aa watchpat alternative to test for apnea for at home, ie a sensor to plug into my phone?

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