Many of you may already know of the dangers of snoring and the effects of Sleep Apnea.

I find it helpful to review some of the fundamentals of how we are designed to function while sleeping.

1) The human body is designed to breathe through the nose while sleeping.

2) The human body is designed to breathe clearly so it gets Oxygen in the bloodstream.

When the space in the nose and throat becomes too narrow while sleeping, our bodies try to force air through to get enough Oxygen. And this creates the sound of snoring.

Think of this like our body sounding the alarm. It’s not getting enough oxygen, so the alarm goes off while the entire body is stressed to get air.

This alarm can only go off for so long before the brain urges us to wake up, open the airways, and gasp for air before going back to sleep. In the morning, we may never remember this happened.

10 to 15% of humans snore and are experiencing consequences on their health because of it. Every system in our body is affected by the consequences of snoring.

In fact, in the short-term, snoring = tiredness and fatigue.

And, in the long-term, snoring = a shorter lifespan and risk of obesity.

– Amer Khan, MD

If you’d like to learn more about how sleep works and affects our health, I’ve also published a video on this topic here:

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