I went to a sleep center and had a CBCT done and a lot of pictures taken. They found a very narrow airway, TMJ issues, and that my tongue lacks the space to not push my teeth forward. I also have a somewhat recessed lower jaw.

They’re going to get me fitted for an oral appliance after I get a sleep study to confirm that I have sleep apnea, which they suspect due to both the imaging and the symptoms I described in office (constantly waking up, an ex telling me I appeared to stop breathing in my sleep, daytime drowsiness, etc.).

I’ve been referred for an at-home sleep study, so I have to wait an extra week or two for my insurance to approve it. Do you all have personal insight into at-home vs. in-lab sleep studies, and should I ask to be sent to the lab instead? Should I speak with an orthodontist about the lack of space in my mouth since it’s likely worsening my sleep issues? I’m relieved to find that there’s a likely explanation for maybe 15 years of increasingly bad sleep (I’m 24), but I’m unsure of how to navigate getting the proper care.

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