Hi all, does anyone know of a sleep center in Los Angeles that measures RERAs and would detect my UARS? I’ve had studies at USC and Stanford before but they both don’t score RERAs and rather use the new definition of hypopneas (30% reduction in airflow for longer than 10 seconds associated with an arousal. no oxygen desaturation necessary to count). Unfortunately I only scored around a 4 AHI at those centers since my arousals are more likely associated with less than a 30% reduction in airflow or less than 10 seconds.

Also, if there aren’t any good sleep centers that test for UARS in LA, does anyone know if the WatchPAT would be good for testing very subtle RERAs?


*Edit* I should mention that I did get a test at UCLA before a soft tissue surgery a few years ago that DID test for RERAs (I got around 20 RDI). However, it showed an index of 30 spontaneous arousals an hour, which I believe that a significant portion of those 30 “spontaneous” arousals were RERAs that were just too subtle for UCLA’s counting methodology.

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