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Sleep study negative, but my snoring is so bad I can’t sleep with my partner anymore… and having nightmares of not being able to breathe. – iDunmed

I’ve suspected sleep apnea for a while because my mom has it, and hubs has reported hearing me stop breathing during snoring… it started when I was pregnant, and a few times I actually woke myself up from the snoring and had to catch a deep breath.

My home sleep study a few months back was perfectly normal.

But I am having dreams where I am sleeping (in the dream), and struggling to breathe because my tongue is blocking my throat. I kick and thrash in the dream, trying to wake up and breathe, and wake myself up (in real life) in a panic. I go back to sleep, and the dream repeats itself over and over again.

So I suspect, I’m dreaming about not breathing because I am in fact, not breathing. The snoring has gotten so loud again that I am now in the living room on an air mattress so my husband can get some sleep.

Curious if anyone else had these types of dreams that alerted them to their apnea. They’re terrifying.

Also what next if the home study is negative and insurance doesn’t want to cover a lab test?

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