Here is my result:

GP initially called me and told me no apnea. Requested results and this shows mild apnea. Main symptoms I have are fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and waking frequently at night (2-3 times).

Had trouble sleeping during first ~4 hours of sleep study. I can usually fall asleep almost immediately at home. Things that stand out to me other than that are the difference between REM AHI and NREM AHI. Also had high REM AHI while sleeping on my side. Also interesting was the number of ‘spontaneous arousals’ under my arousal summary. They are half of my total arousals. Doesn’t seem like RERAs were recorded, or if they were I had 0. Percent REM sleep seems low, but probably didn’t help that I only made it through 1 full sleep cycle. I think if I made it through more sleep cycles percent REM would go up, maybe closer to normal. I also think if I made it through more sleep cycles my overall AHI would be higher since my REM AHI was abnormally high compared to NREM AHI.

Seems like the main recommendation from the study is to lose weight, I am slightly more muscular than average. Probably ~15% bodyfat, not planning on losing weight. My thyroid hormones are all fine. I don’t drink or smoke. Talking with my GP on Monday. Wanted to get some feedback. Thank you.

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