Background: Healthy 25 year old M, 6’4 200lb. Deviated septum as well as undergoing corrective jaw surgery within this year.

The reason I wanted to get tested was the same as most others, feeling tired as hell in the morning and occasionally waking up with headaches. Never had a sleep study before. With my jaw surgery upcoming near the end of the year I wanted to check if I had sleep apnea, as my deviated septum makes me quite a mouth-breather and my jaw surgery will require a week of my mouth being banded shut. Generally I went into this being somewhat biased as I don’t love the prospect of needing to wear a CPAP mask for the rest of my life.

Got the test and it reported a AHI of 3.3, minimum O2 saturation of 93%, and RDI of ~8. Upon researching the first two numbers seem to be clearly in the normal healthy range. The RDI metric includes other respiratory events and since it is >5 it is technically outside the “normal” range but at most is a very mild case. However, my sleep physician (Kaiser nor-cal if anyone cares) declared it as clear cut OSA with CPAP recommended.

I gave a call to discuss the results and get an explanation of their thought process, and a different sleep physician was very very dismissive simply saying “you have sleep apnea, the RDI is over 5, you need CPAP” basically repeating this every time I would ask for clarification about anything. I ask “well doesn’t my AHI being 3 suggest that I don’t have sleep apnea? or a very mild case at most. what is the difference between the two measurements and how does each affect my health?” they say “we use RDI not AHI, you have sleep apnea, you need CPAP”. Asking about O2 saturation… same thing. I sent the actual sleep physician an email detailing how I at least will be waiting until my surgeries to decide whether I want CPAP or not and she goes “well when you change your mind go ahead and call us”

The whole thing seemed to stink of them pushing CPAP to anyone they see, disregarding reasonable questions and painting my very mild numbers as OSA just as severe as someone with 50+ AHI. Is this something that any of you guys have experienced with sleep physicians pushing CPAP prescriptions as hard as they can? Or are my numbers really that terrible and the Johns hopkins papers I read are all BS (Lol xD). Regardless based on some posts on this sub I think CPAP is something I would be willing to pursue in the future, but I still think the behavior of these sleep physicians in particular is a bit suspect.

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