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Slept on side to reduce sleep apnea, starting this week get sleep apnea symptoms from sleeping on my side, but sleeping on my back seems to work now? Anyone else experience this? – iDunmed

I’ve had sleep apnea symptoms (I believe mild, or UARS, still need to diagnose but COVID has me wary to go in..) for a while now, and I’ve been sleeping on my side to try and reduce the symptoms. This has worked pretty well (as long as I stay on my side position), but after this Thanksgiving break after which I had some of my best sleep in a long time, starting Sunday night all of a sudden my sleep apnea would activate while I slept on my side. It activates pretty quickly too, like within half an hour of going to bed and I’m in the dream state of sleeping. It hurts differently as well, (like something heavy towards the left or right chest of my body…). Frustrated, I tried sleeping on my back last night and it seemed like I didn’t get any sleep apnea symptoms at all?? Woke up feeling pretty refreshed…

I’m just wondering what caused this sudden shift in my body and if anyone else has any experience with a change like this? I thought maybe it’s anxiety-related since I have to wake up a lot earlier for work than I ideally would… but it doesn’t really explain why the side sleeping symptoms started up suddenly…

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