Hi everyone,

Recently started CPAP therapy and I wanted to share my experience for those that are considering a sleep study/ starting CPAP soon

I’m 26 years old and have snored my entire life. Noticed on my mom’s side, that my grandmother and uncle both snore, but I didn’t think I had a problem. It wasn’t until I was working that I realized memory issues that I asked my MD for a sleep study referral. Sometimes I’d walk across the room to talk to a colleague about a patient of ours, and I could not even remember that patients name.

Since COVID-19, I have gained a fair bit of weight, and I was starting to see that some mornings when I’d wake up, I’d have a headache. More importantly every morning my heart was beating really fast. I wasn’t falling asleep at the wheel, but I would feel tired at work. This combined with the memory issues made me pursue getting a sleep study done.

The night of my sleep study, I had many issues falling asleep, and felt as though I did not sleep. When I woke up, the technician stated that I did get enough info.

Fast forward 1 month later and the sleep doctor calls me stating that I have mild sleep apnea (AHI of 7.5). He recommended 2 options:

  1. Sleep denture made by the dentist
  2. CPAP

I chose option 2 due to insurance coverage.

It has been about 3 weeks now since I started CPAP therapy, and at first I didn’t really feel it was life changing like other reddit posts. My AHI was brought down to 0.6 so it definitely was working. However, as I am getting back into studying, I am seeing that concepts are a lot easier for me to follow and my memory is much better. I am able to remember a patient’s name much easier. The other day, I accidentally much have pulled off the CPAP during my sleep because when I woke up, I felt terrible, and I experience a lot of brain fog. The benefit of CPAP was not apparently until I missed a day.

While I am still not close to being 100%, it seems like each day has been getting better and better. To anyone that is considering a study, please do so, as you’d be amazed by the benefits. Even if you don’t feel much benefit, you can be rest assured that you’re getting the best quality of sleep possible. This increased energy has also helped me start on an exercise plan, and I look forward to losing the weight I gained.

Side note: At the beginning of 2020, before COVID and before I gained weight, I pursued getting treatment for ADHD as I believed that I had issues focusing. Turns out these symptoms may have been related to sleep apneas.

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