Im so so so excited!!! Ive posted before and ive gotten advice that i appreciate very much!

I was given two options and i could afford the second due to insurance but I did get the Philips Respironics DreamStation.

I got a mask that has an elphant trunk basically.

My prescription is 5-20 for my pressure i think it is. I got the app to see my info and i have tried it on and let it work. I notice if i open my mouth the air in my nose gets heavier and comes out my mouth it feels haha

But the mask is comfy and soothing kind of? It made my voice sound a bit weird afterwards (doc said to test it at home before sleeping and such) and my chest and throat felt a little tight after as well.

Im uncertain if thats okay but i think he said it was?

But any advice?! Any cleaning advice? I cleaned the tube with dawn like he said and swished it a little bit. My tubing dried. But it looks like it got wet again kinda ? Im assuming from the humidifier?

But im just so so so excited to try this out and get better sleep ;-;

Thank you for your continuous help you guys and gals!

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