Well sorta.

For the past three months, I have been stuck in this limbo of feeling like total crap. Nobody would listen to me and every doctor I saw said it was anxiety. I’ve never been a very anxious person and have always loved life no matter how difficult it’s gotten. I had no idea what was wrong until googling my own symptoms after my doctor told me not to. I found sleep apnea by chance and took it back to my doctor. She said that was crazy since I am so small and there was no way. She even included a great speech about how I need to get my anxiety under control if I chose to not take pills; along with a speech about my health anxiety getting out of hand and how everyone dies at some point…such is life. She reluctantly scheduled a CT Scan for me (have a bad sinus infection) and a sleep study which I did last week.

My AHI is 23/RDI is 84 and I’m getting less than ten minutes of REM.

Yeah. It sucks but the relief I feel from knowing I haven’t been losing my mind these past three months and having to put my health into my own hands because no one would listen to me is amazing.

My symptoms are:

Brain fog- like forgetting your own name brain fog

Derealization/Depersonalization- At one point I convinced myself that I didn’t know my family

Acid Reflux

Waking up shaking in the morning


Anxiety. Probably the worst Anxiety I’ve ever felt.



Hypnagogia/Sleep Paralysis

Fluctuating heart- 113-120 most of the time. Doctor even wanted to put me on beta blockers.

Dry throat

So tired that I was getting microsleeps

This subreddit has helped me out so much and a lot of you guys answered a ton of questions so thanks. I’m getting my CPAP and I know it will take time to get used to but I’m just glad I’m not going insane.

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