2020… what a year

Started out with an episode of rapid atrial fibrillation incidentally noticed at the GP’s office after I had a blood test. Crazy palpitations and I nearly fainted. Was sent immediately by ambulance to hospital, and fortunately after a few hours it reverted itself. Follow-up a week or two later with a cardiologist (echo and ECG holter monitor), revealed no current issue but just to monitor if palpitations or other symptoms happen again.

Got on an exercise and diet program – saw a dietician and have had lots of appointments with an exercise physician to develop an exercise program to lose weight. I’m 112kg (246 lb) 180 cm (5’10), 30 year old male. Slowly have been losing weight, trying to turn walks into jogs.

Yesterday my home sleep study results showed my AHI is over 100. My first night of APAP was last night… I guess I’ve joined a club of sorts…

But yeh. I feel like I spent most of the night not being able to sleep though, because fitting the mask drove me to distraction. I hope it gets better. I think the short amount of sleep I did get must have been good, however, just not enough of it. Would be really nice not to feel groggy all the time. How long did it take y’all to get used to the mask?

APAP is an interim solution. The sleep medicine team has booked me in for an in hospital overnight study at the start of January (they close over Christmas) and will personalise CPAP settings from that.

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