So I did a sleep study and my doctor confirmed that I have an average of 63 events per hour with a significant drop in blood oxygen levels. I found out that my HMO plan does not cover durable medical equipment (despite covering pretty much everything else with almost no copay). So at this point I’m looking for a CPAP, money isn’t an issue but I don’t want to have to buy multiple machines if I can’t get on with one, therefore significantly increasing my expenditure. In doing research and wondering if getting a bipap machine is worthwhile? Is there a disadvantage to this?

Also have no idea where to start with masks et. Al.

Can anyone recommend a comprehensive guide on what to buy and when.

I’d much prefer a surgical intervention here (inspire maybe) but the insurer requires me trying CPAP first and that I have a BMI under 32 and currently losing weight with my level of fatigue is almost impossible.

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