My dad is elderly and dealing with heart failure issues right now (A-fib, valve regurgitation, other problems) and has been undergoing all kinds of tests. For years I’ve been convinced he has sleep apnea as he always snores sooo loud, and is the type to fall asleep as soon as he sits down anywhere. In all my worry about his heart issues, I finally, FINALLY convinced him to take the possibility seriously. I sent him articles about how sleep apnea exacerbates heart disease, how it can cause A-Fib (and his has been particularly severe first thing in the morning). He called his doctor and they agreed it’s a possibility, and he picked up his home test last night.

Guess what! His “test” is a pulse oximeter, and apparently the nurse who showed him how to use it said if his blood oxygen stays above 88%, then he is fine and doesn’t have sleep apnea. They wouldn’t give him the full home sleep test! I was so mad, and so disappointed. Considering that 80% of people who have A-fib problems also have sleep apnea, I cannot understand AT ALL why his doctor doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously. He lives in rural Minnesota and went to one of the Mayo clinic affiliated clinics and I am so disappointed at their lack of standard of care. Now I’m looking for a certified sleep medicine doctor near him to send him too.

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