Going camping this weekend with a CPAP for the first time. I was nervous about how to power it, and although I fully recognize this maybe overkill it’s nice to have extra power for other devices.

It’s an 80$ 100w panel from Home Depot hooked into a 180$ 300w/66000mah charge controller/battery/inverter. It charges in a couple of hours so I’m actually looking at grabbing a second battery (probably try to go the generic deep cycle route this time) to experiment with how much power I can actually pull out of this.

Given that the Resmed official battery is $430 and even the Freedom battery is $269 and those don’t include a solar panel or charge controller, and are less capacity, I think is a pretty optimal setup.

I almost pulled the trigger on a 60w folding panel, but figured I’d save 50 bucks for more capacity and since I don’t know how much I’d be using it, I wanted to minimize the cost of the setup.

I bought a DC adapter for my Resmed S10 Autoset, and so tonight I’ll see how long I can go with normal humidity/heated line settings.

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