Can I ask some newbie questions?

  1. How much water do you guys go through a night in your tanks? Do you empty and replace it every night? I saw someone here say one gallon of distilled lasts them months but I have no idea how. I’m going to kill a gallon every week or two at this rate.
  2. The other morning I woke up and my water tubes were just oozing out water… wtf happened? It happened while I was sleeping, which was super weird. Has this happened to anyone else? It’s been fine since.
  3. A few days (I think by my third night?) some of my stuff smelt funky despite getting wiped down every night. What am I doing wrong? (If anything?)
  4. How long did it take for you to adjust to your cpap? I’ve done it for six nights now and I’m still waking up just as much as I was without it. I had one night so far (Friday night) of not waking up at all, which is an improvement so I’m optimistic we’re gonna get there, just I would like to get there soon, haha.
  5. Also — I have the Airsense CPAP. It says that you have to replace the actual water tank — not the water, the plastic tank — every six months! This is all a bunch of shit, right? I can’t think of any actual reason to replace all of this. I read a lot of you don’t even replace your cushions/masks/tubes that often, which makes me optimistic.

Thank you!!

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