I am a 25 year old guy with weight of 168 lb and height of 5.5ft. I am somewhat overweight and currently on track of losing weight. Last month I bought a device which records the SpO2 and heart rate to see my blood oxygen during my sleep.

I snore sometimes, not crazy loud. I have been monitoring my sleep with this device SleepU Wrist Oximeter. I get different results every night but my SpO2 drops to 83 to 90 percent for 60 to 120 seconds per night.

I am in verge of getting a sleep study but I feel like I might have mild sleep apena looking into this data. I do have some day time fatigue and have urge to take a nap during the day. My primary care doctor has closed his clinic and I might have to wait couple of months to see him and get the referral for insurance. Any input would be appreciated.

Sleep data— here is the screenshot.

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