Hi all, I just had the doctor give me the summary report of both my sleep study and tritation report. Good news, during titration, my awakenings went down from 8 to 6 and my arousal apneas went from 10 arousals to 5 and hyponeas arousals from 36 to 8 on a cpap. The weird thing is my spontaneous arousals went up from 86 to 187 (29 index) Does anyone know why this would happen? My initial study AHI was 18.7: Apnea 4.2, Hypopnea 14.5 and central Index 3.1. I understand doctors may dismiss the spontaneous arousals due to being in a sleep center, but even at home my garmin shows me waking up quite a bit, so I am sure my arousals there must be high as well. I got the report after I had my appointment to discuss, so I was not able to ask about this during the appointment. I am absolutely exhausted. Thanks in advance. I just would like to know what to ask at my next appointment.

44 year old female

overweight, avg bp 137/97

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