So I was diagnosed with “mild” sleep apnea. My AHI was 5.3 and my RDI was 14.9. Based on the home sleep study I had, my oxygen only dropped below 88% one time. On average, my apneas were 17sec. in length & my hypopneas were 20sec. I also had a MaxDen10 (RDI) of 43.1. (Not sure what this means, but I think it’s a period of at least 10 minutes where I had 43 RDIs?)

Since using the APAP, I’ve noticed that the avg pressure usually goes up to 9-10, whereas it starts at 4. The events per hour seem pretty low like 1-2 With apnea/hypopnea/central apnea avg. per hour somewhere around .9-1.2 or something like that. So it seems like the APAP is getting me results, but I am still EXHAUSTED. Like possibly worse than before I used the machine. I know I wake up at least once or twice in the night & adjust the mask before tossing & turning a bit to try to fall back asleep.

Could the machine not be helping me as well because I have mild sleep apnea? Or is this normal as my body just adjusts to wearing the mask to bed? About how long should that take? A week? Two?

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