Age/Gender/Race: 25F Asian

Weight: 103lb

Hi guys,

As the title suggests, I started breathing through my mouth a few months ago out of nowhere. Now, I really don’t care for this but my lips get extremely chapped, especially the inner half of my lips to the point where they turn white and rub off in the shower every day for the past month or so. I also notice my mouth getting drier in the morning. When I catch myself doing that in the middle of the night randomly, I’d consciously shut my mouth just to end up waking up later breathing through my mouth again. My question is why did I start mouth breathing out of nowhere? And what can I do to stop this?

As far as I know, my nose isn’t congested and I’ve bought a humidifier for my bedroom a few nights ago but haven’t noticed a difference so far. Any help/suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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