I’ve had Obstructive Sleep Apnea for years. I’m 57 and have BMI of 35. I’ve had CPAP for ~15 years but have never been very good about using it. It just never seemed to do much for me and for the last few years, I seem to wake up in the middle of the night (bathroom break, take the dog out, etc.) and then I just don’t put it back on (even though I’m looking at it and I know I should). I should mention that I’ve been on 200mg of Provigil for years. I’ve tried different meds and different dosages. I’ve also tried short breaks from Provigil to reset my tolerance. Nothing seems to help much at all, but I keep coming back to 200mg Provigil so it must be doing something.

A few weeks ago, I had another sleep study. The physician said he’d like me to go on BPAP therapy. I did a little research and my understanding is that BPAP provides assistance in both inhaling and exhaling and that it is basically a ventilator. This sounds appealing to me because while laying in bed trying to fall asleep (with my CPAP mask on), and even sometimes when I’m awake in the daytime, I feel like my brain is forgetting to breathe. It’s almost like I need to consciously think about breathing. I am extremely tired every day and all day long. It really sucks, and I feel like I am so unproductive in my life right now. I will probably have my BPAP within a few weeks and I’m looking forward to trying it.

Also, I know a BMI of 35 is not good and I’m trying to lose some weight. It’s so hard because I have no energy 🙁

My question is: Has anyone else gone from CPAP to BPAP? Did it help? What was your experience?

Thank you!

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