My husband just got his CPAP machine a couple weeks ago and we have been trying different kinds of masks to see which one will work. Things I have been observing is that he is a mouth breather at times, and even with the chin strap, air will leak from his lips resulting in a dry mouth the next day. So we are trying the ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask, and while he likes that he doesn’t have things in his nostrils like the nasal pillow style, I am finding that he is still having apneas, and even with the auto pressure set to go as high as 20, if needed, he will still throat snore and have episodes, as if it’s no direct enough. I am thinking his chin is still falling back too much and having his tongue close off his throat. Has anyone used a mouth guard that keeps your chin/tongue forward, as well as the CPAP? If so would the nasal pillow mask be the best to go along with that? Any other suggestions appreciated!

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