I’ve been struggling with excessive daytime sleepiness since I was about 15(36 years old now) and feel like ever since I’ve had mono my life has never been the same. 1 year ago I got diagnosed with mild sleep apnea( i can’t remember how many AHI’s) and was put on CPAP therapy. I use the DreamStation, have the nose pillow and my air pressure is at 9.0. I religiously wear it every night and yet still absolutely miserably tired ALL the time. I need atleast 9 hours of sleep a night just to function but prefer 10-12 hours plus I’ll take any daytime naps I can fit in which are generally long and unrefreshing. Every morning it takes me over an hour to get up with my snooze going off every 8 minutes until I can finally peel myself out of bed. After finally getting up I go into this weird robot phase of getting ready in the morning not remembering anything for about 45 minutes. The rest of the day I continue to struggle with staying awake, keeping myself moving and stimulated so I won’t be without a job.

Feb. 24th I did another overnight sleep followed by MSLT daytime sleep. I was convinced I had Narcolepsy after finding out that it was a possibility and began doing a lot of research. Other than cataplexy my symptoms mirror of what a narcoleptics would be. Got a call today and turns out I do not have narcolepsy and my mean sleep latency is in the normal range and they’re going to bump my pressure up to 11.0. I’m still waiting for the doctors office to call to schedule an appointment to go over my results. I feel just absolutely defeated at this point and really sad that I guess this is just what my life’s going to be. I want to crawl in a hole a never come out. During my sleep tests I wasn’t given enough time to wean off 100 mg of Zoloft that I was put on about two years ago because of excessive daytime sleepiness and I was/am crabby all time which i feel like is because I’m always tired. I planned on weaning off this Spring. I’ve had full blood panels ran, thyroid checked, tested for diabetes for years and everything has came back fine. I feel defeated because I’ve heard such great things about CPAP and how it’s changed peoples lives and I wanted to be one of those success stories. I wanted to have a normal energetic life. I will say since using the CPAP the quality of sleep at night it better…..once I fall asleep I’m out for the night and rarely get up to use the bathroom but overall I feel like my EDS has worsened and I’ve gained 20 pounds since being on CPAP. I feel just really alone in all this and I’m sick of being tired EVERY single day.

Sorry for the rant… this is the first time I’ve ever really posted anything on here and I’ve hit a breaking point today emotionally and mentally.

Does anyone else feel that your CPAP therapy hasn’t truly helped with your significant issues? Do you ever feel like just because you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea that any of your other sleep issues just get disregarded because it’s probably just the sleep apnea?

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