It’s been a year of successful APAP therapy. Always less than 1 AHI. Huge improvement in life quality.

One last annoying thing to focus on is I get up to pee once per night. I know I would wake up more refreshed if I didn’t have to do this. I also have to go up a flight of stairs (I sleep in basement for cool temperature) to get to the bathroom, which I think is dangerous when going back down half asleep.

I’m 36 and healthy. The only possible issue on my blood work is a creatinine level of 1.33. My A1C is 5.3. PSA is 1.1.

Could kidney damage be a possible cause? I have a doc appointment on Monday but just want to gather some ideas.

I only did an at home sleep test, which resulted in 44 events. Maybe I actually need a bilevel because “micro-arousals”, that the resmed Autoset can’t actually detect, is preventing true deep sleep?

I’m kind of at a loss. Maybe it’s normal?

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