Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has had any success ridding or significantly reducing their incidences to the point of not needing a CPAP?

I’ve just been diagnosed with severe OSA and after looking at CPAP risks and difficulties, I’d rather not go that route. I know that there is surgery, I’d be happy to hear a from people who have had surgery, good or bad experiences.

Also looking for people who have gone a nutrition/weight loss route or major stress reduction. People who addressed allergies (specifically dairy and eggs). People who used to be mouth breathers and trained themselves out of it? People who learned the didgeridoo? Took up Opera or yoga? Anything.

I’m looking for ANYTHING other than being hooked to a machine. I travel a lot (rough travelling hahah, not hotels) I also live in my van, and also on a boat for parts of the year so this is a pretty devastating blow to hear I might need to change my lifestyle completely.

Thanks in advance!

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