I received my Resmed airsense 10 a few days ago. Followed all the recommendations of wearing the mask etc long before bed time. I felt relaxed and the first night I managed about 45 minutes of sleep. Then I had an apneic episode where I snored through my nose (imagine a grunt lol) and I guess I woke up as the air was going down my throat and I panicked as I wasn’t used to it.

The second night everytime I feel asleep I woke back up again and felt uncomfortable and wanted to rip the mask off. The pressure was only at 6 both times.

I am struggling to actually fall asleep as I am a side sleeper or front sleeper and i cannot side sleep at all with the mask as it leaks as soon as I go on my side or front. I can’t fall asleep on my back at all.

Any tips?

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