I’m using a resmed airsense 10, I’m sure that matters. It came set according to my prescription and it’s set to start at 4, and ramp up over time to anywhere between 6-12. Not sure if this is normal.

After I start to relax and doze off I feel like after I exhale I have to force myself to inhale or I’ll just sit there with all the air blowing out of my mouth. Freaks me out a bit idk if that’s something to get used to.

Then after it ramps up a bit the air startles me and wakes me up, and it seems really cold. It has a heated humidifier. I’ve set the humidity pretty low because I feel like I’m getting condensation in my sinuses that drips down, and I have it set to 82° which is pretty high on the machine but it’s still really cold.

Help please I wanna sleep lol

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