So guys for the last year I have been terrible off it started with derealization which caused panic attacks and then depression and I have had so many test and tried so many antidepressants with no relief or very little sometimes the just not caring anymore they caused me to feel was a relief but I’ve hated it so much. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 5 years ago with an ahi of 20 and I never wore my cpap and forgot about it. I got a new doctor recently who suggested sleep apnea causes my derealization, anxiety, and depression and a light bulb went off and I go in for my sleep study in two hours and I’m so excited at the possibility of feeling like myself again and getting off of all these antidepressants and stop wasting money on brain scans and all these other things ! I wanna add I am a 20 year old male 5’11 180 pounds but with a family history of sleep apnea so I’m hoping for a cpap or possible surgery to help!

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