I was diagnosed with URAS, and have been using Resmed airsense 10 autoset with pressure set at 4-15. The sleep study might underestimate my AHI as I didn’t enter REM pahse that night. And my ENT doctor also said he would expect I had higher AHI after checking my upper airway.

On a scale from 1 to 10 in terms of daytime fatigue and attention, I would give myself a score of 3 before I used the machine. In the past two weeks, I ususally scored 6-7, but sometimes, I would sleep very well and scored 9+, which is my target. My AHI reported by the mahcine was around 5 and I had a lot of clear-airway apnea according to OSCAR. Usually >50% was clear-airway apnea.

While the in-lab sleep study was never an accurate reflection of my sleep, I had no central apnea on the report. I think what my apnea episodes, whether obstractive or clear airway, were still disrupting my sleep. Only sometimes, I was less affected by those disruption, maybe because of the distribution of those episodes. I also foud that I more I remembered my dreams, the better I slept and more energetic the following day. Also, my MI band 4 told me that my each deep sleep was usually very in duration but distrituion throughout the night.

BTW, I am also wearing a mouth guard to advance my lower jaw as I found I might sleep better with that. I am seeing my ENT doctor next week.

Any suggestions on what I should do to get perfect sleep? I am considerin all options, including MMA.

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