New here.

I’ve felt tired, lethargic, and brain fog for years. I suspected the issue was hormonal, so I met with a endocrinologist who put me on TRT. It helped for a while, but the energy level still wasn’t fully returned, and over time my symptoms returned – Hard hitting the last few months to where I now struggle to get out of bed.

Blood tests like crazy, and I’m still in the process of pursuing that track – But some of the commenters in other posts suggested I should check out sleep apnea.

I discounted this initially because when I read up on the symptoms most articles suggested snoring was a big red flag, and most people I’ve asked say I rarely snore and dont seem to be struggling when I sleep.

However, I decided to buy a finger probe oximeter and tested it out last night. Results:

Day time blood oxygen = 94 – 95

Night time test 30 seconds after waking up = 89 – 90 and sometimes 91

I know it’s not definitive, but one of the videos on sleep apnea I watched recommended this as a cheap way to at least start the process. The big drop in blood oxygen, from the video at least, suggests this is a warning sign you might have sleep apnea or a similar disorder.

I’m overseas at the moment, and from what I can see there are not a lot of options as far as sleep clinics to tap into, so I might need to wait a while until I return home to get a full study. But I’d love to get some feedback from others as to what I might do at this stage to make some progress? These symptoms are really wreaking havoc on my life, I’d love to make at least some progress while I’m here and test a few variables, or even potential solutions?

Important detail: I’ve noticed when I wake up (Always feeling sleepy of course. That never goes away) my nasal passages are always either very dry, and/or stuffy to where I can still breathe through my nose just enough that my mouth doesn’t open, but I feel like I need to do several deep breaths when I wake up – As if I wasn’t getting enough oxygen.

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