I had been having excessive daytime sleepiness, snoring, headache after waking up and have increasingly been waking up in the middle of nights with a feeling that I am being choked.

I was prescribed a CT Scan of parasinus and a home sleep study. The technician who monitored me during the sleep study hinted that my sleep pattern mirrored that of apnea patients. I will find about the report only tomorrow when I meet the doctor.

The CT Scan showed a) nasal polyps b) hypertrophy of nasal turbinates and c) deviated nasal septum. Waiting to see what the sleep test result would show and what the doctor would prescribe.

I am curious as to how I would manage to sleep on my sides with CPAP, if prescribed. I realised over the last few months that this feeling of being choked is less when I sleep on my sides and not in a supine position.

Would you all have any advice?

Also is it possible that apnea is being caused by polyps and deviated septum and may get cured if those are addressed?


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