I am, as usual, wondering if anyone else gets this weird symptom I get and if you have any idea what could be causing it. I have mild/moderate apnea and wear my CPAP. I recently went to my doctor to have the pressure raised slightly, but he says my numbers are in good range. I get nightsweats that end with me drenched in sweat – drenched through my PJs. But the weirder thing is that I get them pretty specifically when I’m waking up/dozing off in the morning. If I wake up and then go back to sleep, even if it’s just for 60 seconds because I closed my eyes again, I wake up even sweatier. I feel like I hold my breath during those times, and sometimes my heart is racing when I wake up. I jerk awake sometimes because of all of this. I’m still wearing my CPAP when this happens. But I just do these weird little minute or two naps when I’m trying to come to in the morning that lead to the weirdest breathing and sweating of all. I’m on medicine that can cause nightsweats so it’s not totally surprising that I get them, I just don’t understand this pattern. It really makes me feel like I’m in and out of sleep and fully waking up is hard.

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