Hey everyone, I’m a 29(M), not overweight and It’s been a hell of journey the past two years trying to even get a sleep study. I’m active duty and military providers (in my experience) like to pretend soldiers don’t have any health issues and kept giving me the run around or pushing me off to behavioral health who tried to convince me I was depressed and shoved myriads of antidepressants at me. I got diagnosed with moderate OSA and have been on the CPAP for less than a month. I have been having a lot of medical issues the past 2 years leading up to this diagnosis and from what I’ve read and have been told briefly about, a lot of these could be related. I experience chronic fatigue, frequently waking up at night, excessive drowsiness, literally passing out(standing, talking, working, playing games, etc) despite not feeling tired. Also mood swings, not able to focus, ED to name a few. I’ve been prescribed Nuvigil and that helps but it’s a 50/50 whether it will work or not. What kind of symptoms have you guys experienced? Has continued use of the CPAP helped resolve them? I would appreciate if anyone could give me insight on what you’ve experienced symptom wise pre and post CPAP and any information your doctors have shared with you about your diagnosis. I’m kind of on my own here, thanks for any responses!

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