I’ve been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea with ~51 events per hour according to home test. I’ve been handed a Resmed 10 with a few different masks.

I have this annoying problem where just when I’m about to fall asleep, there’s some sort of “flap” from what feels like behind my nasal cavity. This flap closes so I can’t breathe in through my nose anymore and it jolts me awake. It can happen several times in a row if I’m stuck in a half-asleep limbo where I’m too tired to actually do anything about it so I keep being jolted awake until I finally get sick of it and unplug the machine. I’d say this picture is pretty accurate except the airway behind my tongue feels just fine. It really feels like it’s behind my nose. Does this mean that my lower pressure isn’t high enough?

My second question is about face masks (the kind that cover both your nose and mouth). Are they supposed to puff in and out like a lung on your face as your breathe? It feels like it wants to blow up and get off of my face. The mask in question is the F20 but I’ve had the same experience with the F30.

Thanks for reading

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